Back pain can originate from a variety of causes, including injury, genetic disorders, and external factors. While some individuals will have the pain clear up over time with rest and relaxation or therapy, others suffer from persistent pain and need to seek out other options for relief. Spinal decompression treatments are one of the most common ways to alleviate back pain, with surgical and nonsurgical options being available. Both types of treatments have their own pros and cons, but regardless, decompression of the spine offers many benefits that can restore a chronic pain sufferer to a healthy, pain-free life.

Symptom management is one of the most immediate benefits of these treatment methods, alleviating symptoms of spinal problems rapidly; in the case of surgical decompression, symptoms could disappear within a couple hours after surgery. Tingling, radiating pain, difficulty stretching muscles, aching, numbness, heaviness, and other symptoms that result from a back injury are helped greatly when the pressure causing the pain is diminished or removed. Nonsurgical decompression treatments, which you can read about on respected websites such as, typically alleviate the symptoms gradually, with each session taking a bit more pressure off the nerves and diminishing the effects of that pressure. Surgical options often remove the cause of the pressure entirely, bringing instant relief.

While the benefits listed above are significant, perhaps the best benefit of decompression treatments is the restoration of one’s life back to a pain-free existence. There are many types of back injury solutions, but some of them, such as wearing a brace, getting injections, and acupuncture, are inconvenient, only offer temporary relief, or don’t provide the desired results. Because of this, many of those treatment options result in wasted time, money, and a lot of frustration. By choosing a decompression treatment from a reputable health clinic such as the Broadview Spine & Health Centre, sufferers will benefit from a solution that targets the direct cause of the pain – pressure on one or more nerves – and eliminates it. This treatment is not only effective, but one of the most beneficial choices someone seeking back pain relief can choose.