The Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure which helps give you your dream look using not artificial materials, but your own natural body materials. It involves lifting and shaping your buttocks by removing fat from your other body areas and then injecting this fat back into your backside.

Your doctor will purify the fat before injecting into the buttocks. Your surgeon even performs liposuction around the area to give predominant results to your Brazilian butt lift surgery. Then with the help of long, slender rods called ‘cannulas’, the fat is entered back into the body and with some plumping and sculpting, your surgeon gives your butt a great new shape.

Your surgeon uses hundreds of injections to inject small amounts of purified fat into different parts of your buttocks at various depths. This ensures the highest and most permanent absorption rate for the fat.

Not only does your backside end up looking voluptuous and full, the liposuction performed in other areas give you an overall slim look. This in turn makes your butt’s fabulous results even more prominent.

Risks and recovery period

As with any other surgery, there are some risks associated with the Brazilian butt lift procedure. The main risk associated here is too early or quick significant absorption of the fat wherein you end you .

The other rare risks of a Brazilian butt lift is the regular bleeding, scarring and infections associated with any surgery. You are however able to resume with your normal, everyday activities within 4 weeks of performing the surgery. However your plastic surgeon will advise you not to sit directly on your buttocks for up to 6 weeks for maximum effects and benefits of the surgery.