Hair loss is a condition which is called alopecia in medical world and it happens when a person starts to lose hair typically on the head that can involve a small area or even an entire body. Alopecia can be permanent or temporary depending on the type of hair loss. There are several types and the most common are: Androgenetic Alopecia – hair loss in man, Alopecia Areata – spot baldness (area of hair loss), Telogen Effluvium – thinning or shedding of hair caused by stress and Traction Alopecia which occurs due applying pulling force to the hair, for example when hair is tight in ponytails or other hair styles. Usually men suffer from hair loss more often than women especially when they get older. But young people, including both men and women can also suffer from hair loss due to a variety of reasons.

Causes of Baldness & Avoiding Them

When hair loss is already at full blast it is not easy to make hairs grow normal again so it is better to prevent baldness and identify reasons that can cause it. The most important is to keep stress levels under control. Certain drugs and treatments, like chemotherapy, can cause baldness, so excluding them will have a positive effect. Visiting your family doctor is a good idea if it seems to you that you have a hair reduction. If you are concerned about your condition the best thing you can do it to take action and don’t waste your time hoping that the problem will disappear. Usually it just gets worse over the time, that’s why start preventing hair loss as earlier as possible.

The causes of hair loss can be hormonal problems or genetics, but regardless of the actual cause of the problem you need to provide your hair with the substances essential for hair growth. Hair follicles need to get a good nutrition, which means that you have to increase the intake of vitamins and minerals required for healthy hair. When you see your hair is falling out remember that everyone loses 100-200 hairs per day and it is absolutely normal. But if you think the amount of hairs you lose is bigger than this number you probably become bald.

Hair Loss Treatment

Pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia can be treated with a drug called Propecia. Hair loss in men in 90% cases is believed to be due DHT – male hormone dihydrotestosterone, an androgen and this drug prevents its formation. Propecia and similar medications are very effective for dealing with hair loss, but they can’t be used for female-pattern hair loss as it can have bad influence for a future baby, so women can’t take them.

Other treatments for hair loss include herbal medications and massage. There are many herbal preparations, such as hair oils for example, that are suitable for preventing baldness. Certain massage techniques can help the growth of hair follicles. Consult your doctor before trying these treatments.

In any case it is always better to prevent hair loss before treating it. Address the problem as soon as it starts bothering before it’s too late.