Are you yet to catch up with the latest trend to have hit the market? Are you desirous of shifting to a healthier option of smoking? Make way for the electronic cigarette, a device that provides you with a similar experience to that of a paper cigarette.  With a variety to chooses from depending on your like and budget, this device is sure to satisfy the smoker in you.

Brands one on one

Within a short span of time, some of the best electronic cigarettes brands that have made an impression in the market include Green Smoke, the first to offer a dual part product design. This e- cigarette brand is famous for its great tasting vapours. Customers testify about the product quality and awesome customer service experience.

V2 Cigs is another brand that has taking a firm grip of the market. Ranked as the number one brand since March 2011, with a customer base of a million in number, this brand is referred to as the undisputed king of the electronic cigarette revolution. With its large variety of starter kits to suit the needs of its vast consumer base, this brand taken the smoking experience to a new level. The plus point here is the low cost but efficient products available. The cheapest starter kit comes for $24.95 while the ultimate kit is priced at $ 149.00. With the best liquids on offer, backed by great customer satisfaction, this brand is your best choice to go by.

Vaporzone takes the second spot with the variety of flavours, economically priced devices and a battery that lasts longer than any other provided. Halo cigs is another brand that provides the user with over 20 different liquids to choose from. The prices are pocket friendly with starter kits coming for as little as $ 44.99 only. This brand is ranked as the third best in the market for the durability of the device, great battery life and prompt customer service.

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette’s is another brand whose standout feature is its rechargeable battery that comes with the deluxe kit it offers. Another great customer service attraction is its free home delivery of cartridges. Money and time saved, a happy customer is guaranteed. White Cloud is a brand known for its quality and standard products. The brand boasts of a battery that lasts 3 to 5 times more than that of any of its competitors. Eversmoke is a brand that comes with a silicon tip. The brand has a great product line which is popular among the masses. Other best electronic cigarettes brands that deserve a mention are Vapour Couture, Smoketip and Premium electronic cigarettes, Bull smoke and Blu cig.

Liquid flavours vary from apple to strawberry cheesecake, mint to vanilla and gummy bear to Marlboro making your experience a sweet one.

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