The dental hygiene of the child is a crucial issue that needs sincere attention from their parents, teachers and social authorities because sometimes their problems tend to have serious effect on their general health. In Townsville, children are covered under child dental benefits schedule, which started on January 1, 2014 and helps in getting the reimbursement or third party payment facility that in turn waive of the agony of dental treatment and subsequent expenses of almost 3 million children.

A synopsis

The Child Dental Benefit Schedule is a useful dental treatment benefit program, provided by the Department of Health of the Australian government. Children between the age group of 2 to 17 years are eligible for this benefit program, which provides $1,000 maximum as benefits for the basic dental care of the child. According to the provision made in the schedule, children are entitled to have services as follows:

  • Examinations,
  • X-rays,
  • Clean-up,
  • Fissure sealing,
  • Fillings,
  • Root canals,
  • Extractions
  • Partial dentures etc.

These services can be provided in private or public facilities and there is no mandatory restriction. It has to be noted that this particular benefit is not accessible in case of cosmetic dental work or orthodontic and there will be no benefit if the service is provided in any hospital. The benefit payment under the provision of this schedule is being paid by the Department of Human Service of the Australian government. An important part of this benefit is that no routine check-ups are required throughout the year to settle on the newly entitled children. Most of the children are notified about their respective eligibility of getting the service of Child Dental Benefits plan.
The eligibility of service provider

Any professional, who intends to be a service provider of Child Dental Benefits program, should be a dentist, dental professional or specialist either in a private or public sector. The mandatory eligibility criteria of the intending service provider are:

  • The person should posses a registration as a dental professional, either as “Specialist” or “General” under the Dental Board of Australia,
  • Should have registration number of Medicare provider

While most of these registered Medicare dentists are involved in the private sector; separate arrangements are available in public clinics for these dentists, who are eligible to provide service of Child Dental Benefits plan. The state and local territorial government provides the details of these arrangements and can be contacted for more information.

Townsville and the Service Provider

In Townsville, there are lots of service providers, both in private and public settings, with required eligibility of being service provider of this dental benefit scheme. The experienced dentist in Townsville is of immense support, from inception to final payment, as per the provisions made in the Child Dental Benefits plan. The contact details of dentist Townsville can be obtained from respective health department, where they are registered as authorized service providers.